Earth Environmental and Civil, Inc. (EEC) is a customer-focused civil and environmental engineering firm that provides technically sound solutions to meet our clients’ needs. The mission of EEC is to help clients improve their world through superior civil and environmental services. Our team focuses on how to meet the infrastructure needs of our clients with minimal impact on the environment.
EEC offers our clients an extensive background in providing Environmental and Civil Engineering services. EEC was founded in 1989. Our staff is capable of meeting the needs of our clients through the development of a broad range of services that include in-depth components of both environmental and civil engineering. Our service record speaks for itself, as several of our first customers are still with us over 25 years later.
EEC works with governmental, commercial, industrial, and private sector clients. We provide personalized service, working as a team with our clients, other firms, and various regulatory agencies in the design and implementation of quality, cost-effective, and site-specific engineering solutions and environmental programs.
EEC’s staff provides clients with professional credentials and diverse educational backgrounds in Environmental Engineering, Civil Engineering, Horticulture, and Environmental Science. Our experience provides the sound basis needed to complete projects on time and within budget and scope.
Experience and Credentials
  • Professional Engineers (members of NSPE and ASCE)
  • Licensed Surveyor
  • VADEQ Certified Inspectors and Plan Reviewers
  • Certified Contech Stormwater Treatment Inspectors
  • Approved Surveyor for Smooth Coneflower
  • Certified Land Disturbers
  • Experienced Wetland and Stream Delineators

Small, Woman and Minority-Owned Business (SWaM) – #626554

Certified Micro Business

Community Involvement

Earth Environmental and Civil supports community involvement and we are actively giving back to the communities in which we live. Active community involvement gives EEC a unique perspective and understanding of the issues communities, businesses, industries, and individuals face daily, which enhances our project approach.

Our community involvement includes:

  • Area Chambers of Commerce
  • Community Partnership for Revitalization
  • Franklin County Habitat for Humanity
  • Rising Opportunities, Inc.
  • Stepping Stones, Inc.
  • Piedmont Community Services
  • American Whitewater Organization
  • Nature Conservancy

Our team’s civic involvement enhances our ability to help communities improve their world through civic involvement superior Civil and Environmental services.

Corporate Community involvement: donated services to support design and construction of Franklin County Skate Park, donated services during design/build of Franklin County School’s Center for Energy Efficient Design.


EEC maintains Workers Compensation/Employer’s Liability insurance within limits required by law. Comprehensive General/ Professional/Pollution Liability Insurance $1,000,000 occ./$2,000,000 agg.. Comprehensive Automobile Liability coverage of $1,000,000, and Excess Liability of $1,000,000.

Quality Services

At EEC, our emphasis lies in providing quality service while meeting budgets and schedules. Our experience ranges from task order conceptualization through task order initiation, implementation, and completion. The QC Process encompasses everyone involved in a task order, from the client to our team’s field personnel and senior management. As a team of individuals, we strive to assure quality at every step of a project.

Elements of the QC Process include:

  • Maintain an effective, on-going quality control program to measure and verify performance
  • Monitor daily operational performance of the team and provide timely corrective action
  • Track and implement corrective actions for resolution and appropriateness
  • Review data and reporting requirements for accuracy, precision, and completeness
  • Maintain calibration records for instruments of measurement as applicable
  • Maintain complete records of data and reports generated by the team
  • Provide sufficient flexibility to allow controlled changes in routine methods and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to meet specific client data quality objectives
  • Maintain a data review process
  • Provide training for employees in requirements of SOP they are responsible to perform for specific tasks

Our firm’s Quality Management Process is modeled on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) cycle that has been successfully used as the basis in the ISO 9000 quality standards.

Project Approach

Our team understands the necessity for prompt and comprehensive service and the sustainability of multiple projects simultaneously. To meet this expectation, we utilize a balanced organizational matrix and a project management process that includes; Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Control, and Closing for each task order. Depending on the task order life cycle and complexity, a task order may have multiple project management processes. This project management process requires continuous communication between the individual team members and the project managers. The project manager is required to perform integration management to maintain the various tasks as a cohesive whole. The following provides a brief overview of the components of the individual Task Order project management process; Initiating- The initiating process is the beginning of an individual task order and includes the following: receipt of a Task Order from the Project Manager/Contract Manager outlining the type of investigation and field studies/activities required, collection and review historical data, assignment of a team personnel, identification of stakeholders and desired result.

Planning – The planning process includes the creation of a project work plan. Planning begins by subdividing the work into feasible, manageable and definable activities. As part of this process the necessary resources and risks are identified along with critical paths, roles and responsibilities, a final budget, timeline, and communication plan. The communication plan determines what the stakeholders expect to receive, when they expect to receive the information and the most effective and efficient methods to assure proper and timely communication. After approval by the program managers the planning documents are forwarded to the Project Manager/Contract Manager for review and approval. Upon approval of the planning documents by the contracting officer a project initiation meeting or teleconference will be held to begin the project.

Executing – The executing process involves completing the work in accordance with the approved Task Order and preparing a scope of work, budget and schedule. All changes to the approved scope, budget and schedule shall be approved prior to implementation.

Monitoring & Controlling – Monitoring & Controlling involves performance measuring throughout the life of the Task Order and adherence to the approved scope of work, budget, and schedule. Continuous improvement/lessons learned, proactive conflict/issues resolution, identification of additional risks, recommending changes and communication with the identified stakeholders are part of this process.

Closing – Task Order closure involves formal acceptance of the work by the stakeholders, procurement closure, and an update of the lessons learned.

Authorized to conduct engineering services in:
  • Virginia
  • West Virginia
  • Kentucky
  • Ohio
  • Texas
  • Tennessee
  • Michigan
  • Indiana


On Call General Engineering Contracts

EEC holds multiple On-Call General Service Time and Material Contracts with both private and public clients. Our experience with on-call contracts provides the working knowledge necessary to manage multiple concurrent on-call task orders.

EEC also works as a sub-consultant on teams serving several VDOT Contracts. Our general engineering services range from attending meetings to complete site design and permitting.

Familiarity with Federal and State Grant/Loan Programs

As part of EEC’s commitment to improve communities through superior engineering and related services, we have been involved in securing grant funding for various projects for surrounding municipalities and counties.EEC has experience in aggressively and effectively providing grant writing services.

Over the last several years, EEC has been involved in securing over 5 million dollars in grant funding for projects in our area, including improvements to public water systems and economic development.We do not subscribe to apathy and complacency; but believe that communities must continue to develop in order to maintain sustainability and growth even when the economy may indicate otherwise. We gladly accept the challenge to creatively locate and secure funds for projects needed by communities in this economic climate. Our team has been involved in various State and Federal funding sources, including opportunities from the Virginia Department of Health, EPA State and Tribunal Assistance Grant (STAG), Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Department of Transportation, and Virginia Tobacco Indemnity Program.We are very comfortable navigating the funding processes required by different agencies, and welcome the opportunity to put our clients in a position to receive available funds. In addition to our grant writing experience, EEC has experience in the design, construction and management of projects funded through grants.